A Helpful Introduction To Security Cameras

With crime rates increasing dramatically, home- and business owners in Houston, TX can’t be too careful. Purchasing and installing a security camera for your home and business is a worthwhile investment. Security cameras have been proven effective at preventing crime: a recent University of North Carolina study found that 60 percent of former criminals surveyed would survey a property that they intended to break into to see if security cameras were present. Of these criminals, 40 percent said that they would seek a different target if security cameras were present. But how do security cameras work? What type of camera should you buy and who should install it? We will shed light on these important questions below.

Taking Advantage Of The Latest Technology

Security cameras are highly effective at deterring crime (and catching criminals in the act) but only if they are well-made. Most of us have tuned into the news and seen grainy security footage that is nearly impossible to make out. Fortunately, today’s best security cameras for homes and businesses take crystal-clear footage. For the best footage, consider purchasing a High Definition (HD) security camera. An HD camera will give you the clearest picture possible. When purchasing a security camera, you also want to pay attention to the megapixels (MP). We recommend purchasing a camera with at least 5 MP, and ideally 8. Other important technological innovations to look for when considering a security camera include:

  • Motion-Triggered Recording

  • Voice Feature

  • Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Motion-triggered recording is a technological innovation that allows you to save valuable storage space. The “voice feature” allows you to speak through your security camera, meaning that you can screen visitors remotely. Finally, an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an auxiliary technology that allows your security camera to continue recording during a power outage. Since Houston, TX is prone to severe storms and power outages, a UPS is highly recommended.

Viewing Security Footage Remotely

One of the best ways that you can take advantage of the latest security camera technology is by purchasing a security camera that can be viewed remotely, with an app on your phone. This will let you view your security camera footage anytime, anywhere. Apps will also send notifications to your phone when movement is detected at your home or business. Taking advantage of this technology will provide you with an extra sense of security. Home security phone apps are easy to use and incredibly convenient. Apps also allow you to control your security system remotely by adjusting the camera modifications from your phone. Ideally, you should look for a security camera company that provides you with unlimited free usage of a phone app (no monthly fee).

Security Camera Installation

All of the best security camera technology in Houston will not amount to much if the security camera is not installed properly. That is why you should only let an experienced company handle your security camera installation in Houston. The time it takes to install a security camera is determined by the size of the property, as well as several on-site variables. In general, security camera installations tend to take longer at businesses than they do at homes, due to the size of the property and the variables involved. Pricing for security camera installation can be tailored to your needs and budget: security camera companies will often allow you to choose between an installation/camera package or an “installation only” package.

Financing Your Purchase

If you are worried that a state-of-the-art security system is financially out of reach, think again: the best security camera companies offer financing on security camera systems. This way, you can make affordable monthly payments on your security system. You should never have to choose between your budget and your family’s security. 

What To Look For In A Security Camera Company

All of this information raises the important question: who should you buy your security camera from, and who should install it? Deciding where to buy your security camera system is just as important as choosing what type of security cameras to buy. Security cameras Houston counts on to stay secure are sold by reputable, trustworthy companies. Here are some tips on what you should look for in a security camera company.


Perhaps this goes without saying, but you should never try to install or maintain a security camera yourself. Nor should you hire a “freelancer” (i.e. someone found on online classified sites) to handle the work. What you need is a trained professional in Houston, TX who will do the job correctly. Not sure where to find a reputable security camera company in Houston? Try checking the local reviews on sites like Google and Yelp. Other homeowners and businesses in Houston will let you know if a certain security company is worth calling.

Customer Service

Online reviews will also give you an indication of a company’s customer service skills. In the residential/commercial security industry, customer service is as important as technology and expertise. Let’s say, for instance, that your security camera stops working in the middle of the day (this shouldn’t happen often, but when it comes to security, you have to prepare for the unexpected): will your Houston security camera company respond to your calls? Will they provide the troubleshooting that you need? You need to find a security company that you can rely on when things go wrong. 


As we said before, your budget should not stop you from staying protected, which is why affordability is such an important factor when considering a security camera company. For big savings on security cameras, look for a Houston-area company that offers package deals. You should also look for a company that offers competitive pricing on all equipment and services. Some companies may offer enticing deals on security camera equipment but will upcharge you on services. Find a transparent company that offers honest and fair pricing. Again, if you can’t afford the whole bundle right away, consider a financing plan.